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Organisational & people development

We specialize in unlocking individuals’ potential, optimising team dynamics, and focused topics for groups.

Our Leadership Development Programme caters to individuals at every career stage, offering a clear roadmap for growth.

We elevate team performance through our flexible Team Enhancement Programme and participate in targeted sessions with our Group Coaching Programmes. Tailored for leaders, entrepreneurs, and graduates, our Mentorship Programmes provide personalized guidance within a start-up or established business environment.

Our Organizational Development approach is where we guide businesses through transformative change by facilitating strategic planning, critical thinking, problem-solving, and business process improvement to achieve strategic goals.

With PISA, you not only benefit from personalised coaching but also gain access to a proven framework for success for individuals, teams, or groups targeting organisational or people development.


We specialise in blended coaching tailored for individuals, teams, and groups, guiding them through change and unlocking their potential to help them reach their goals.


Addressing the diverse needs of leaders at all stages including seasoned entrepreneurs, first-time business owners, and recent graduates entering the professional realm. We provide targeted guidance to address challenges, fostering collaboration between experienced leaders and emerging talents for accelerated career trajectories.

Organisational Development

Empower your teams and individuals through our inclusive approach, fostering continuous learning and innovation. Unleashing your workforce's potential to navigate change and achieve success with effective collaboration.


We prioritize building a personalised one-on-one relationship with our clients. Whether they have a sponsor or not, our goal is to assist them in unlocking their potential and realising their personal and professional aspirations.


We focus on a specific topic or goal that benefits everyone individually. The aim is to enhance individual skills without a primary focus on group interaction.


Our focus is on the team's shared goals and vision. We build relationships, trust, and values to create a shared purpose, ultimately improving overall team performance for the organisation's benefit. Individual team members also experience personal growth in the process.

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