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Drawing upon over two decades of international expertise, PISA stands as a trusted and highly skilled coaching partner committed to ethical practices, evident in our code of ethics. Our flexible engagements, whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid, are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Through this, we consistently deliver an authentic and results driven coaching experience.


Our perspectives of a situation are perceptive and often astute.


We have the necessary skills and abilities to deliver value and ascribe to continuous self-mastery and learning


We are genuine with our interactions and behaviours


We demonstrate fortitude and the grit to continue driving forward in the face of adversity


We demonstrate integrity, and trustworthiness and abide by our principles at all times

As qualified coaches, mentors, and facilitators, we adapt our approach to precisely meet our clients' needs at any given moment. Whether we're posing insightful questions, facilitating effective strategies, or guiding the process toward achieving client goals, our versatile blend ensures a tailored and dynamic experience.

our coaches

Claudia Finnigan

Claudia is a Business Coach who has worked closely with business leaders and teams for more than two decades, delivering continuous improvement solutions to achieve strategic business goals. Her life purpose focuses on personal growth and supporting individuals who strive for improvement. She holds a degree in Engineering, certificates in Financial and Operations Management and works with a wide array of clients from diverse industries across the globe. Claudia is a highly effective problem solver with a strong background in Lean Six Sigma and business process improvement techniques.

Premie Naicker

Premie a certified coach possesses over twenty years of senior leadership experience, specialising as a seasoned leadership coach and mentor. Her academic background includes a Ph.D. in Integral African Feminine Leadership & Enterprise Development, where she concentrated on crafting a comprehensive framework for the development of both individuals and enterprises. She is a highly effective collaborator with deep IT business knowledge and brings positivity, support, and creativity to teams and individuals.

Paul Finnigan

Paul, a credentialed coach, is dedicated to fostering development, facilitating learning, and guiding individuals through changes via coaching and mentoring. With over twenty-five years of global coaching experience totalling +11,000 hours, he excels as a Business & Leadership Coach. His academic qualifications, coupled with his expertise, enable him to specialise in unlocking the potential for his clients to attain their goals. As a Lean Thinking Master Practitioner he has crafted and deployed many business improvement solutions worldwide and in 2017, he authored the book "The Art of Coaching”.

why pisa?

Inspired by the world-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, the PISA coaching approach challenges norms, much like the tower’s enduring lean that defies expectations. Our coaches embrace unconventional angles, fostering growth and empowering individuals, teams, and groups on a transformative journey.

Join us to experience the resilience and success that echoes the charm of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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