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Organisational & people development

Embarking on a journey of change presents many challenges for individuals, teams, groups, and organisations. Our blended coaching aims to address this by providing essential guidance and unlocking the potential of each person.

The challenge lies in overcoming obstacles, fostering adaptability, and empowering people, teams, and groups to effectively achieve their objectives. Whether it’s personal growth, collaborative teamwork, or navigating group dynamics, our blended coaching serves as a solution to support success in the ever-evolving landscape.

Welcome to a place where your unique challenges meet transformative coaching solutions.


We specialise in blended coaching tailored for individuals, teams, and groups, guiding them through change and unlocking their potential to help them reach their goals.


Addressing the diverse needs of leaders at all stages including seasoned entrepreneurs, first-time business owners, and recent graduates entering the professional realm. We provide targeted guidance to address challenges, fostering collaboration between experienced leaders and emerging talents for accelerated career trajectories.

Organisational Development

Empower your teams and individuals through our inclusive approach, fostering continuous learning and innovation. Unleashing your workforce's potential to navigate change and achieve success with effective collaboration.


We use a structured framework for guiding our sessions with clients. It provides a systematic approach to coaching that supports clients in reaching their objectives, whilst challenging limiting assumptions and transferring skills.

Situation: Assessment of the client’s current state and main problem, and development of clear goals.

Probe: Deep dive into the obstacles, challenges, and underlying causes of the problem at hand.

Explore: Generating ideas with creative thinking to address the main causes, exploring and evaluating various options.

Actions: Creating and implementing a manageable action plan with realistic timelines, establishing accountability measures, and anticipating potential obstacles.

Reflect: Reviewing progress and evaluating outcomes, and achievements. Identifying key lessons learned emphasizing self-awareness and continuous learning.

client testimonials

Our deployment with Pisa impacted us by teaching us a different way to think holistically. Our team dynamics has changed for the better as we’ve learnt how to get the best out of our people. Pisa thinking model has taught us to be curious and question things – our favourite term is: “I’ve Pisa’d it!”, meaning we have asked enough questions to understand and learn.

Radeen Fashions David Castle, Owner, Executive Director

Our people gained insight into addressing the root cause of a problem instead of just addressing the symptoms.

Falke Martin Grobbelaar Group GM

Pisa had a major challenge changing the mindsets of management, which did the same thing for over 25 years. Their patience and pro-active approach really paid off!

Junit Manufatcuring Jurie Bester, Owner, Executive Director

Meeting Paul from Pisa was very important, because he is the best coach I’ve ever known. Through his sessions I got to know how much I could improve myself, develop not only my language but also my faith. During my sessions with him, I realized that Coaching was not enough to bring me happiness and accomplishments because I believe in something bigger than an ephemeral life. I believe it’s necessary to work hard and achieve goals and he showed me how I can do this. Thank you for everything.

Alessandra Urany Attorney at Law, Cabo Frio, Brazil

Pisa was instrumental with guiding my collection of thoughts into a concise, relevant personal mission statement. It was very impactful to clearly define my vision in life because it enabled me to then develop tactical steps to achieve that mission. Paul is a master of self-discovery and there are endless “ah-ha!” moments during his coaching sessions. I would recommend Pisa to anyone who is driven to further achieve their true potential in life.

New Hampshire, USA Ben Peterson, Financial Professional

Pisa helped me develop my personal mission statement by giving me the tools I needed to realise my mission in life and how to portray my vision in the most concise way possible. With their guidance and instructing I was able to confidently construct my vision. I know I can always rely on Pisa to give their honest opinion and feedback to improve my vision, mission and goals.

Krysta Brown Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse, Greeley, Colorado

Pisa has been involved in the implementation of K-Way LEAN Journey which has been truly transformational for my team and for myself. Since we started with our LEAN implementation we have gone from strength to strength as a business and today we are revered as a beacon of hope in our struggling industry. The approach of the Pisa Team has been one of patience, firmness and competency which has ensured that we continue to stay focused on continuous improvement I have had interactions with many other consultants who profess to be able to implement LEAN, however, when put to the test they never really deliver an effective and sustainable change in people behaviour, which had resulted in sliding back to the traditional methods and management practices. Not with Pisa! It has been a true pleasure to have Pisa in our business as our LEAN coaching partner.

K-Way Manufacturing Bobby Fairlamb, Manufacturing Director

Camphill Village was established in 1964 to provide a unique inclusive approach to life for intellectually challenged adults, offering purpose and dignity. It provides a home and workplace for about 95 residents, offers therapies, and an opportunity for self-development. While our organisation had a strong history and foundation, we needed to renew its culture, make it current and able to rise to challenges facing NPC's in South Africa today. Herlecia Stevens, Business Coach at PISA Consulting, facilitated our transformation over one year. While working with the CEO and management team, she helped us find trust and a common direction. The process was light and fun resulting in personal and organisational growth. She was a wonderful catalyst and support during this time of change, and we have grown enormously as a result of the work. Herlecia is professional, fun, can think on her feet, but most importantly won the trust and appreciation of a diverse group of people, who allowed her to take them on a journey of learning.

Camphill Village James Sleigh, CEO

In support of the Operational Excellence (OE) drive at one of the Imperial Divisions, Pisa was requested to assist Imperial Cargo, one of the businesses in this Division, to get their Operational Excellence deployment off the ground. Paul spent a lot of time guiding and coaching Senior Leadership on OE and effective problem solving. With his extensive knowledge he assisted the Leadership Team, together with their respective teams, to apply and extract value from Lean principles and practices. During his engagement, he also assisted with the development of key CI individuals. Not only does he enable others through his knowledge and experience, but also through the Lean Thinking and Leadership he embodies. Although the OE momentum at this business was unfortunately interrupted earlier this year due to COVID-19 and business changes, the development and empowerment of the individuals involved still remain an invaluable contribution.

Imperial Logistics Annemie du Plessis, Operational Excellence Deployment Lead

Our company Foschini (including Donna, Soda Bloc and Colette), brands within the TFG Group have worked with Pisa Consulting since 2017. Paul from Pisa, has provided us with Process Reviews for new business processes, systematically taking the team through the process, mapping out all the detail and ensuring the business introduces new elements without impacting the main business focus. He worked with many teams on team dynamics, results-driven and ownership. The teams were all extremely impressed and felt they had grown themselves in understanding their impact to the performance. Over and above these projects, Paul has run our company strategy for the past 2 years. Paul's structured approach mixed with appropriate team building has really made this process a major success. The end results are clear, concise and structure in a way to easily manage the required processes to deliver. I can highly recommend Pisa as a consulting business.

The Foschini Group Bev Pallet, Head of Foschini Division

Paul has worked directly and indirectly with me and my teams over the last 15 years. I can with confidence confirm that he is an amazing coach, facilitator and process guru. His approach and style is inclusive and thorough and has certainly played a huge role in my team and I achieving our goals. He took me on a journey that allowed me to discover who I am and what my purpose is, and he provided action plans to help me get there. Part of his process is equipping stakeholders with tools to think for themselves and face solution orientated thinking for the long term. His tools allow for accurate and proper objective setting, measuring those objectives and holding stakeholders accountable. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul’s services.

TFG Jewellery Khalid Mohamed, Head of Business

Paul is excellent at what he does, he is vastly experienced in business process and his coaching skills are invaluable. He incorporates many business problem solving tools to solve real problems in the workplace. He is has a results driven mindset and is willing to walk the walk with you.

Cape Union Mart Group Eugene Webb, Senior Planning Manager

I really enjoyed my time spent with Paul over the years. His methods have a way of getting to the crux of business problems and from it have seen the success of solid business solutions. In addition, he truly cares about the success of the teams that he engages with, great partner to bring on board!

TFG Jewellery Naeema Cassimjee, Marketing Manager

Passionate and engaging are easily used to describe Paul's coaching. Over the many years I have been fortunate to work with Paul he has always brought out the best in my team and I. He is an asset to any organisation wanting to undertake the journey to World class performance.

ACM Craig van der Pol, Manufacturing Director

I learnt a great deal about myself & leadership when I worked with Paul. He has a 'toolkit' of solutions to assist in solving problems and how to lead teams in a more effective, results driven process.

The Fix, TFG Helen Twemlow, Head of Planning

Paul is methodical, meticulous and extremely logical in his approach to problem solving. He possesses an exceptional skill to guide people on various levels to be curious and find the solutions to each challenges faced through his innate ability to coach critical thinking.

Cape Union Mart Group Brendan Le Riche, Senior Buying Manager

Paul has an amazing style of coaching in the way he supports and guides each individual / or team to problem solve. He becomes the facilitator of each person's thinking. Paul is not afraid to ask difficult questions and push one to get to the best place, helping you see things from a different angle.

TFG Jewellery Nicola Brodrick, Design & Creative Manager

Paul takes a 'no frills' and pragmatic approach to dealing with both business problems, as well as for extracting the most out of an individual. He really immerses himself in a situation, and understands which levers to pull and questions to ask in order to get to a desired result.

Cape Union Mart Group Adiel Anthony, Group Manufacturing Planning Manager

I found my experience of working with Paul very insightful and thought provoking. Interacting with him allowed me to express my views in an honest manner.

TFG Jewellery Mandy Lloyd, Senior Buyer

Paul has a professional approach with the ability to interface seamlessly with diverse teams and remain relatable. He is a great collaborator, demonstrating his depth of experience and applying it in a considered and curious approach to problem solving. He is adept at understanding the invisible forces in the room, handling them appropriately and cutting through the clutter, getting to the point.

TFG Brad Fly, Head of Group Strategic Planning


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